Trailer Treasure: Hollywood’s Clever Drip Marketing Strategy

Hollywood’s been using drip marketing remarkably well – and remarkably consistently – for nearly a decade. But you probably haven’t noticed.

Today, a hot movie trailer’s debut is one of the most anticipated moments across the Internet. Facebook campaigns with official trailer countdowns are the norm. And some movies even go so far as to have a trailer for their trailer. (Like the movie within a movie in Tropic Thunder, except without the hilarious meta narrative and with TONS more marketing cynicism.)

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Blockbusters, in particular, have developed a very specific way of rolling out trailers: something I call the three-trailer strategy. It’s similar to drip marketing, because its step-by-step process parallels steps you find in the best B2B and B2C drip marketing efforts — making it adaptable as a campaign strategy for more everyday products and services.

For a closer look at how the three trailer strategy works, read my blog post: Trailer Treasure: Hollywood’s Clever Drip Marketing Strategy.

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