Millennials: Personal Branding Since Birth

First things first: never call me a millennial. I loathe it. Instead, I like to think of myself as a member of the iGeneration.

That title, “iGeneration,” isn’t just a reference to our near-religious devotion to all things Apple. It’s also a subtle dig at our egocentricity. Our detractors (and oh, there are many) say our worldview is severely limited by our selfie-centric perspectives. And who am I to disagree? I may not like being characterized that way, but look —just about anyone who’s survived their 20s has at some point believed the world revolved around their personal desires. It’s just that the iGeneration was born with a bigger to shout from.

So, no, the iGeneration doesn’t have an abnormally large sense of vanity (for its age). What we do have, and what we are uniquely positioned to do, is an expert perspective on using personal branding.

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